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Player Generation Content

As the Astra's creator, we value community involvement and creativity. In the subsequent development of the game, we plan to use co-creation to build a common game world with the community. This means that players will be able to participate in the development of the game, offering their ideas and suggestions, as well as evaluate and improve the existing game content.
In addition to the gameplay and storyline, we plan to give the creation and control of assets to the community. We will provide players with a creation tool that allows them to freely design and build their own game props, equipment, characters and buildings. These assets will be stored and traded in the form of NFT, and players will be free to buy, sell and exchange them for profit.
Through co-creation, we believe we can build a more open, fair, creative and dynamic game world. We look forward to the participation and contributions of our community members in building an Astra Universe that players will enjoy and linger in.