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In the distant future, the Earth has faced the double threat of energy crisis and population explosion. In order to find new living space and resources, human beings began to explore space and successfully crossed interstellar through advanced technology. In this interstellar era, mankind built a huge Star Empire consisting of countless galaxies and planets.
However, there are increasing political and social crises within this Star Empire. Greed and power struggles led to constant war and chaos, and the order and stability of the entire empire was threatened. At this time, a group of brave and adventurous pioneers, dissatisfied with the internal strife and limitations of the empire, began to look for new opportunities to survive.
These pioneers formed a new organization called "Astra", with its own interstellar fleet, technology and resources, in an attempt to find a new home and resources. They eventually came to an unknown and mysterious galaxy called "Galaxion".
In order to establish a stable base on the planet and continue exploring the galaxy, the Astra organization has built the first space station in planetary orbit. Players will take on the role of a member of this expedition, responsible for exploring the surrounding planets, collecting resources, building facilities, researching technology, and interacting with other organizations to make history for the Astra organization's exploration journey in the Galaxion galaxy.
As a pioneer, players will join the Astra and explore this mysterious and unknown galaxy together with other players. Through exploration and battle, players can obtain various resources and technology, and constantly improve their strength and level, becoming a true cosmic explorer !


The Astra is an organization formed by a group of brave and adventurous pioneers who, dissatisfied with the strife and limitations within the interstellar empire, set out for exploration. With their own interstellar fleet, technology and resources, this group aimed to find a new home and resources. Eventually, they arrived in the Galaxion, where they established their first space station and began exploring the surrounding planets.

New Dawn

New Dawn Star is a planet located on the edge of the Galaxion. Its atmosphere and terrain are complex, resulting in a variable climate with strong storms and electromagnetic storms year-round, making it unsuitable for human habitation. Additionally, New Dawn Star has high levels of seismic activity and radioactive elements, making its environment harsh and requiring some environmental modification to make it habitable for humans.However, despite being unsuitable for habitation, New Dawn Star has abundant resources, including rare metals, ores, and gases. These resources are crucial for the Astra's exploration and construction in the galaxy, so they established a forward base on New Dawn Star to begin development and utilization of its resources. At the same time, they are also conducting environmental modifications, attempting to make the planet more suitable for human habitation.
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    Size and Location: New Dawn Star is located on the edge of the Galaxion galaxy and has a diameter of about 1.5 times that of Earth, slightly larger than Earth but much more massive.
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    Rotational and Orbital Periods: New Dawn Star has a relatively short rotational period, about one-third of Earth's, with each "New Dawn Day" lasting only about 8 hours. Its orbital period is longer, about three times that of Earth, taking nearly 4 New Dawn years to complete one revolution.
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    Geology and Biology: New Dawn Star has varied and complex geology, including mountains, valleys, canyons, and volcanoes.
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    Mineral and Gas Resources: New Dawn Star has abundant mineral and gas resources that form the important foundation for human exploration and construction in the galaxy.
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    Weather and Environment: Due to its complex atmosphere and varied terrain, weather is highly variable with strong storms and electromagnetic storms year-round, making its environment relatively harsh.

New Dawn Gate

The New Dawn Gate is a space station established by the Astra in orbit around New Dawn as the its first base on the planet. The space station is with a giant disc-shaped structure made of high-strength alloys capable of surviving in extreme environments. It has advanced energy systems, including solar panels and a nuclear reactor, which can provide a reliable source of electricity for the organization. The space station also has extensive storage facilities for a variety of supplies and equipment that can be used for the organization's exploration and development activities.