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Astra Universe

The Astra Universe is a series of games that share a common worldview, providing backstory and shared elements for multiple genres of games through a unified worldview, where games in the Astra Universe can coexist and interact with each other in the same virtual space, etc. There will be lots of scientific settings like interstellar travel, extraterrestrial life, supernatural and others.
The storyline of the Astra Universe can cover various types of games, such as role-playing games, first-person shooting games, strategy games, etc. Characters created by players in one game can be used in another game. Game developers can use elements and settings from the Astra Universe to build their own games, as well as collaborate with other developers to create cross-game content, such as quests, props, etc.
The Astra Universe is initially set in a special galaxy. Players can freely explore, interact, and play with other players in this galaxy. And through the exploration of this universe, gradually expanding the entire series story and emerging new game worlds.
This cross-game interaction provides players with a new game experience, and also provides us with a broader creative space, allowing more possibilities for the future of Astra, which is more in line with the decentralized nature of being a web3 project.